Let the Fur Fly

East Hill Veterinary Clinic
gets an in-house groomer

Messy bathtub? Garden hose? Dull snippers? There’s no need to bother about any of that now that East Hill Veterinary Clinic has a new groomer on staff who is ready to take on the mess and return a trim and tidy pooch in no time.

Alexa Moore had her first day of “bath and brush” services at the clinic on Tuesday, September 12 and will offer appointments Tuesday through Friday each week. Owners must show proof their pets have had rabies and Bordetella vaccines to schedule an appointment.

Moore went to the Pet Smart Grooming Academy in Florida, before moving, with her boyfriend Andy and three dogs, from Dunedin, Florida to Willits in April.

“I heard about East Hill Veterinary Clinic through my aunt, Heather Blough, who brings her dogs here,” said Moore. “Dr. Chana and my aunt talked about my grooming skills, and she asked if I wanted a job at the clinic. I said yes, and here I am!”

Moore will be offering grooming for dogs and cats including baths, nail trimming, ear cleaning and traditional – and creative! – hair and fur cuts and styles.

“I used to do ‘pet expressions’ or creative grooming techniques, and I think it’s a fun additional service to offer,” said Moore. “I’ve done feather extensions, toenail paintings, tail-dying accent pieces; it’s a fun way to have fun with your pets.”

Moore’s Dachshund/ Papillion cross, Honey, was a frequent sitter at her pet expressions table; Honey received the full treatment, plus two bindi-esque gemstones placed on her forehead for extra decoration.

Honey shares the home dog bed with two other Dachshund mixes, Sawyer and James Bond. The three enjoy hanging out at home with Moore and her boyfriend, who also enjoy playing video games together in her non-groomer hours of the day.

“I’m really looking forward to starting to groom again,” said Moore. “I want to make sure to let all the owners know: I’ll take care of your animals, there’s nothing to worry about when taking your animal to the groomer. There’s nothing worse than when the animal starts to sense the owner’s stress, and it carries over to them. I like to make it easy and low-pressure. I’m an animal person, and I really like working with them!”

Contact East Hill Veterinary Clinic at 459-5326 to set up an appointment or for more information regarding pricing and services.

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